Flooding of Bleistätter Moor , Austria

A part of the former bog area at the eastern bank of Lake Ossiach in Carinthia, the so-called Bleistätter Moor, will be flooded again. Thus, sedimentation basins are created for the river Tiebel flowing into the lake. Ground investigation resulted in mighty peat layers overlying weak stillwater sediments.

Due to the difficult subsoil situation in the bog an innovative concept was developed allowing construction of a lightweight dam using expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks. Based on settlement measurements, extensive finite element analyses were performed to gain insight into the complex ground behaviour, allowing a prognosis of deformations and an evaluation of the influence of the planned measures on a road crossing the bog.


  • Subsoil investigation program using core drillings, dynamic probing and trial pits
  • Geotechnical report
  • Concept for construction of a lightweight dam using EPS-blocks
  • Geotechnical supervision, evaluation of geotechnical measurements
  • Finite element analyses: modelling of ground behaviour, prognosis of time dependent settlement processes, evaluation of stability of the existing road embankment
  • Design of excavation pit support and foundation of pumping station


Wasserverband Ossiacher See , Feldkirchen in Kärnten


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