N7 Nenagh to Limerick Carriageway, Ireland

A new high quality dual carriageway is constructed between Nenagh and Limerick in Ireland. The proposed alignment crosses areas, where difficult geotechnical conditions have to be expected (Annaholty bog, Dromingboy bog). In these sections road embankments with a height of up to 10 m have to be constructed on weak to very weak cohesive soil and peat layers.

At the stage of tender design, INSITU Geotechnik ZT GmbH was contracted by STRABAG AG to develop a concept for ground improvement. The proposed measures should ensure construction of the required embankments in a technically and economically favourable way.


  • Evaluation of subsoil situation based on existing documentation
  • Development of various concepts for ground improvement and foundation of the embankments
  • Estimation of the required masses
  • Geotechnical report at the stage of tender design (English, German)


STRABAG AG, Dir. IG Spezialtiefbau , Vienna



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