FE-Analyses Tunnel Maliakos, Greece

As part of the Motorway connecting Patras and Athens to Thessaloniki, the massif of Mount Olympus is crossed with three twin-tube tunnels (section Maliakos – Kleidi). The tunnels with lengths of 2.8 to 5.8 km and a cross section area of up to 150 m² (two regular lanes + emergency lane) are excavated using New Austrian Tunnelling Method (NATM).

Ground investigations revealed strongly alternating rock conditions consisting of a succession of phyllites and limestones in various conditions and pronounced fault zones. Taking into account high overburden stresses, rock conditions are a challenge for design and construction work.


  • Analysis of rock mass behaviour and system behaviour for two tunnels, applying 2-dimensional Finite-Element-Calculations (program system Plaxis)
  • Evaluation of the mutual influence of the tunnel tubes during excavation by modelling the excavation sequence with high accuracy
  • Sensitivity analyses for evaluating the influence of varying rock conditions and fault zones
  • Design of primary tunnel support (excavation sequence, shotcrete lining, rock bolts)


ILF Consulting Engineers, Rum bei Innsbruck



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