Project Grazer Bäche, Austria

The aim of the project “Grazer Bäche” (Graz Creeks) is to provide the best possible flood protection for the city, as well as the ecological upgrading and improvement along Graz’s small streams. Retention reservoirs, which function as temporary storage basins for the water during and after flood events, form a major part of this program’s protection measures.

INSITU Geotechnics is currently working on the soil-mechanical and geotechnical consulting and planning aspects for the retention reservoir “Weinitzen 2 / Höfbach” on the Schöcklbach Creek, as well as the retention reservoir “Bründlbach” to the west of Graz.


  • Development of a foundation concept with engineering design of specialized geotechnical measures; detailing structural aspects for the dams
  • Stability analysis for the dam structures; stability analyses in the rest of the reservoir area
  • General geotechnical advising and consulting services for the planning team
  • Characterization of the excavated material and dam fill material according to the federal waste management plan, 2011
  • Geotechnical site supervision in the construction phase


Styrian State Government, Division 19B, Graz , Graz


since 2009

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